Margherita Pizza
Sometimes the most delicious recipes are also the simplest. The margherita pizza is an iconic Italian masterpiece that will warm your whole heart.
Focaccia Pizza
If in need of a quick side or starter?  This simple focaccia-style pizza is an easy go-to for peckish guests!
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Hailed as one of the best things to ever come out of Chicago, traditional deep dish pizza is in a class all its own. Although it contains many of the same ingredients as a classic pizza, Chicago deep dish pizza is assembled in reverse.
Pepperoni Pizza
It’s not surprising that pepperoni pizza is the most popular pizza in the world. From the thin slices of crisp, spicy sausage to the delicate flavour of creamy mozzarella atop our tangy sauce, pepperoni pizza is a timeless favorite!
Bar Style Pizza
Who else misses going to the bar for a beer with friends? Yep, us too. But nothing brings us back to that feeling more than a crunchy, cheesy slice of Bar Style Pizza.
Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Pizza
This creamy pizza combines silky artichoke, rich and creamy spinach, fresh mozzarella and a dash of parmesan! All mixed together and baked till bubbly and warm. What’s not to love?
Burrata Pizza
This simple yet decadent Burrata Pizza brings together time-honoured flavour combinations – fragrant fresh basil; sweet, tart tomato; salty, rich prosciutto; and ultra-creamy burrata in place of the usual mozzarella.
Bloody Mary Vodka Pizza
When Marinara met Mary: this unique pizza combines the standout flavors of the classic bloody Mary cocktail with a refreshing Marinara tomato base.
Four Cheese Pizza
This timeless “quattro formaggi” pizza blends four delicious cheeses into a bubbly, gooey delight that is a treat for the senses.