Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle
Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle

Ooni Koda 12 Essentials Bundle

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  • Gas fueled for the ultimate ease and control
  • Reaches 500°C in just 15 minutes, for fresh stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds
  • Portable at just 9kg - with all the power of a large pizza oven
  • Designed by Ooni in Scotland
Ooni Koda gas powered ovens use standard LPG cooking gas cylinders. 5kg and 14kg cylinders are easily available in India through local suppliers. Please view our gas-fired oven FAQ for more details.


This essentials bundle contains everything you need to get cooking with right away!

Bundle Contents:

  • All India Delivery
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • For Outdoor Use Only

What makes Ooni Koda awesome?

Your time is precious, so make it count. Ooni Koda 12 fires out jaw-dropping pizzas in 60 seconds flat. No assembly, no mess, no fuss. Cooking outdoors with gas has never been so simple (or so beautiful).

Ready right out of the box, the super compact Ooni Koda 12 is good to go in seconds. Simply flip down the foldable legs, insert the stone baking board, and connect to a gas tank.

Featuring instant gas ignition, Ooni Koda 12 is ready to cook in 15 minutes and can reach temperatures up to 500°C. Use the heat control dial to cook pizza in just 60 seconds, right through to roasted vegetables, fresh breads and meats.

What's In The Box

  • Ooni Koda 12 gas-powered pizza oven
  • Ooni 12 Inch Pizza Peel
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Cordierite baking stone
  • Gas regulator and hose

Technical Features

  • You can find the dimensions and blueprint of Ooni Koda 12 here
  • Unboxed dimensions: 40 x 29.5 x 63cm (15.7 x 11.6 x 24.8″)
  • Unboxed weight: 9.25kg
  • Cooking surface: 34 x 34cm (13 x 13")
  • 10mm cordierite baking stone
  • Built-in gas ignition for fast, easy cooking
  • Folding legs for easy transport and storage
  • Commercial grade cold-rolled carbon steel shell with high-temperature resistant, powder-coated finish
  • Built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on
  • Compatible with large and small LPG gas cylinders along with a standard gas cylinder regulator (included)
  • Not compatible with CNG / piped gas / high pressure regulators
  • 1-year warranty, extendable to a free 3-year warranty on registration

Why choose gas?

Ease. Ready right out of the box, simply connect to a LPG gas cylinder and get cooking!

Control. Turn the heat up and down instantly and easily with the heat control dial.

Convenience. No smoke, and no need to clean up ashes after cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fuel/gas tank do I need?

All Ooni gas fired ovens utilize standard LPG cooking gas. Any size cylinder can be used with Ooni ovens, using a standard LPG hose and regulator (included). Ooni ovens are not compatible with piped gas or CNG.

How do I setup Ooni Koda 12?

All Ooni pizza ovens are portable and do not require any installation. You simply need to open the oven legs, connect your LPG cylinder to the oven and you will be ready to cook in minutes!

View our gas fired oven FAQ for more details.

Compare Pizza Ovens

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Awesome, easy to use

So simple and easy to use. 10/10. 100% worth the price. This pizza oven is the perfect size and loosely cooks in 60-90 seconds.

Ooni Koda

Made my summer more delicious

Awesome little oven!

Had it a few weeks! Love it! Quick, great design, makes fabulous ??

Himanshi Joneja
Delicious & Fun

It was a rocky start getting going on my Ooni Koda. My first model some how broke on the first run. They answered back with a replacement fast as possible. This thing is amazing. Hot, fast and delicious pizza as quick as they advertise. This is one satisfied customer.

Megha Agrawal
Living the Dream

The Ooni Koda is a fantastic oven. I prefer the Koda over any other oven I have used so far for the following reasons:

1 - Quick preheat
2 - Constant & easily controllable temperature due to propane
3 - Changing wind does not impact flame significantly

We're all here for good pizza & the three items above make it easy to focus on the pizza. The Koda is perfect- I bring it up to whatever temp I need, and then I can take my time with the doughs and make pizzas as we're all ready for them. I'll still build a pizza oven some day, but realistically, the Koda is going to be the workhorse. Thanks Ooni, you did a fantastic job on this oven.


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