Gas vs wood fired ovens - what is the difference?

Gas vs wood fired ovens - what is the difference?

The most important factor in making amazing pizza is a super high oven temperature of 500˚C. All Ooni ovens can reach this temperature and cook awesome pizza in 60-90 seconds!

Fuel choice is a matter of preference and what you want from your Ooni pizza oven - all Ooni ovens are awesome in their own way!

Gas is a highly convenient fuel source which allows you to fire up your oven with the turn of a single knob. The temperature of your Ooni can be easily and maintained at a constant level using the temperature control knob without any maintenance. Using gas can accommodate for any cook ranging from super high temperatures (500˚C) to low temperatures.

Cooking with wood will give a subtle, wood-fired flavor. There is something special about wood-fired food - the smells and sounds can really add to the overall cooking experience.

Wood and charcoal together will also provide a subtle, wood-fired flavor. This fuel source will allow for a low, slow cook - perfect for slow roasts and meats.