Pizza tips: getting a crisper base

Pizza tips: getting a crisper base

Pizza truly is amazing. It brings people together, heals hangovers, broken hearts, and it’s a celebration of humble ingredients. 

There are innumerable styles across the globe, with thin & crispy being one of the most loved. Thin and crispy pizza is the type you grab a slice of at a party, or in a bar while watching the match with a cold beer.

Here are our top tips for getting a crispy base!

Pizza tips: getting a crisper base


Tip 1

Using an infrared thermometer, make sure that the center of the pizza stone inside the oven is at a temperature of 450°C

Tip 2

Increase the stone temperature by increasing your preheat time. Simply give the stone a bit more time to heat up.

Tip 3

Reduce the hydration of your dough. What does that mean? Add less water when you're making your dough.

Tip 4

Use semolina or similar on the base to give your pizza more crunch!

Tip 5

When cooking with a gas powered oven, try lowering or switching off the flame output, this will give your base more time to cook and will give you a crisper base without burning the top.

Tip 6

With Ooni Karu, close over the chimney baffle to reduce the amount of flame drawing through the oven. This has the same effect as above.

Tip 7

Rotate your pizza inside the oven more frequently, this will also give the base more time to cook and prevent the pizza from burning.

Tip 8

Try not to overload your pizza with too much sauce and toppings as this can cause a soggy base.

Tip 9

Make sure that the dough ball you are using is not too heavy – the thinner your base is, the faster it will cook and the crisper it will get.