Oven placement and storage guide

Can I use Ooni ovens indoors?

Ooni ovens are for outdoor use only and should not be used inside a building. Ooni ovens are safe and hazard free when used according to the safety guidelines and will provide years of amazing cooking experiences.

Where should I set up my Ooni pizza oven?

Ooni pizza ovens will perform best when sheltered from the wind. Choose a spot outdoors that is at least 1m (3ft) away from buildings or structures.

Place your Ooni pizza oven on an outdoor table sturdy enough to hold weights exceeding 15kg. Ooni ovens have tipped feet, which will protect the wooden, metal or stone surface you choose from damage and scratches. We do not recommend using glass or plastic tables.

How do I store my Ooni pizza oven?

It is recommended to store you oven indoors when not in use to maintain its appearance and protect it from the elements, especially if you live near the sea or in a humid climate.

If you do have to leave your oven outside, it is also recommended to use a waterproof cover at all times when not using your oven. 

We would advise storing your baking stone indoors when not in use, as moisture can affect the way that it cooks.

For ovens with chimneys, remember to leave the chimney cap on when the oven is not in use!

Ensure that your pizza oven is completely dry and cool before attempting to move or store it!